Religion and Society Network

Welcome to RASNET,

the teachers’ network for VCE Religion and Society.

RASNET is the professional association for teachers of Religion and Society. It was founded by teachers in 1999 to provide support for colleagues facing the many challenges of educating students about religion in a multi-faith society. It does this by providing outreach facilities and professional development opportunities for teachers of Units 1-4 and advice to students. Today some 6000 students are enrolled in Religion and Society, with approximately two thousand undertaking Units 3 and 4. These students belong to a wide range of religious traditions.

The President and Committee Members of RASNET encourage you to join the association, participate in the professional development activities on offer, explore the (developing) website, utilise the available resources and contribute to learning activities.

RASNET is a mutually supportive network and invites contributions from professional members accessing the site. We look forward to your participation and contributions.

Mary Tuohy

President of RASNET

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