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Unit 1: The role of religion in society

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AoS 1.1 The nature and purpose of religion

AoS 1.2 Religion through the ages

AoS 1.3 Religion in Australia


Teachers of this unit need to be familiar with the requirements laid out in the vcaa's religion and society study design. The study design can be accessed through the VCAA links tab on the Rasnet home page.

Resource Format Date
For those who are interested in exploring Aboriginal Spirituality, Mungo Explorer provides an extensive resource on the work of Jim Bowler in the Lake Mungo World Heritage area. 

The resource provides a detailed account of the culture of Aboriginal people of the area.  It has been developed working with the Traditional owners. It includes an amazing collection of images. This would enhance a discussion of Vicki Clark's discussion of her spirituality in "Knowing Home" - a dvd available from the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry in Melbourne. 

Mungo Explorer is available from:
DVD and Curriculum Resources 2013
World Religions: A Common Journey
(available through Marcom Projects)  

This 27minute dvd presents a great variety of religious traditions and activities in an engaging manner. A very good introduction to the presence of religion in our contemporary world. Available as dvd and with installation rights for school networks.
DVD 2009