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Unit 3: The search for meaning

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AoS 3.1 Responding to the search for meaning

AoS 3.2 Expressing meaning

AoS 3.3 Significant life experience, religious beliefs and faith.


Teachers of this unit need to be familiar with the requirements laid out in the vcaa's religion and society study design. The study design can be accessed through the VCAA links tab on the Rasnet home page.

Resource Format Date
Monsenor: The Last Journey of Oscar Romero.

This documentary, in Spanish with sub-titles, contains archival footage of Archbishop Romero and interviews with those closest to him. It is a detailed account of the atrocities and includes footage of victims of death squads and profiles of the priests who were killed. There is a study guide and list of resources which is available with the film.
DVD / Youtube 2012
Desmond Tutu - winner of the Templeton
Award speaks on the Big Questions